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    INSPIRASI Biografi Deddy Corbuzier

    There are many public figures from bola88 the national entertainment world who have inspiring life stories before achieving success. One of them is Deddy Corbuzier. Starting his career as a magician to becoming a presenter along with the biography of Deddy Corbuzier, a figure who has the nickname “father of YouTube” in Indonesia.

    About Deddy Corbuzier

    This former magician with a distinctive hairstyle, has the full name Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo. Then using the stage name Deddy Corbuzier until now. He was born on December 28, 1976 in Jakarta.

    Deddy is three brothers from the couple Omar Sundjojo and Heniawaty. In 2005 he married Kalina Oktarani and had a child named Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier. But the two decided to divorce in 2013.

    Family’s background
    Deddy Corbuzier comes from a family of Chinese descent which is economically mediocre. His father, Omar Sundjojo, migrated from Banyuwangi to Jakarta to work as a public transportation driver. Meanwhile, his mother, Heniawaty, is a https://tuindra.com/ home seamstress.

    Having a simple family background, Deddy Corbuzier has experienced a difficult life since childhood. In fact, because the economy is mediocre, when buying a bowl of meatballs, you have to share it with two other relatives.

    Not from affluent circles also made him accept bullying in elementary school. On the other hand, bullying also occurred because at that time he tended to be physically obese.

    In addition, Deddy also suffers from dyslexia, which makes it difficult for him to process words and did not go to grades during elementary school. The disorder was only discovered when high school. This is what then made him choose to major in psychology.

    Career Path of Deddy Corbuzier

    After witnessing Mark Wilson’s performance, Deddy began to learn some simple tricks from sbobet resmi indonesia senior magicians. Thanks to his persistence in learning new species at the age of 12 he got a contract at Dunia Fantasi Ancol and when he was 18 International Hotels contracted him for 7 years.

    After that Deddy had the opportunity to visit Israel. There he studied a type of Mental Magic then dedicated himself as a Mentalist. Upon returning to Indonesia, his name became Deddy Corbuzier with a unique hairstyle. From there came the opportunity to appear on RCTI’s “Impresario 008” TV show.

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